Monday Morning Mug Shots :)

imageWe have a crap load of coffee mugs. It’s pretty ridiculous – if I’m at the store and find a mug I like, and it’s cheap, I’ll buy it, knowing I absolutely do not need another mug to add to my collection. I collect them like old ladies collect cats. I’ll admit, we are the family that has quite a collection of mugs with our own mugs on them. It’s pretty shameful the photo album that’s presented on half of my coffee cups, but they bring a smile to my face. And in the morning when I am drinking my coffee and staring at the picture of my husband and I sitting in the middle of the ocean 200 yards out, reading our books and relaxing in the incredibly warm water, I go back to our 2010 trip to Turks and Caicos and I am all of a sudden sitting on the satiny soft sand, waist deep, next to my husband in full privacy and complete escape from our normal, daily trudge. Or like this morning, when I look at my mug and see my husband and I mid-laugh… That was a trip, in fact our first trip, to Paso Robles wine tasting. We went with my parents and I can remember it like it was yesterday. We were sitting at the table in their RV after a long day of tasting and reminiscing about how much fun the trip had been. And although this coffee cup is looking a little scratched and chipped- it’s seven years old – those memories are as perfect to me today as they were when we first started dating. If I didn’t have these mugs, how often would I be reminded of all these memories? Especially now – who has time to pull out the picture albums? Or, in this day and age, who even has picture albums? lol (More like sit in front of the computer and scroll through your iPhoto.) It just doesn’t happen…

So in the mornings, when I grab a cup to enjoy a little coffee before my baby boy wakes up, I can take a brief stroll down memory lane… and remember, before I was a mommy, I was a wife. And before I was a wife, I was a girlfriend. And before that, well, I just hadn’t experienced the best parts of life. ;)

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  1. What a wonderful post, I love it! It’s the little things which our days are comprised of that when added together turn a good day into a great day.


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