Sunshine & Rain: Mommy Memories

I thought I heard the rain again. It’s pitch black and I don’t remember the forecast predicting anything other than 60s but it’s raining. The light clapping sound on my roof and the slapping off my backyard concrete, proof. So I decided to bring my trusty laptop outside and talk to you. 😊

Today’s Run: Towards or Away

What makes you a runner? Would I be considered a runner? I was thinking about that today as I did my first run in over a week. And I guess I started to view the definition more figuratively considering my answer... I feel like for the last couple months I've been running towards something. A... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Always Not Give a Flying You Know What: The Innocent Misconception

I've always been conscientious of how to handle my Epilepsy in public, but never truly self-conscious...

“Epileptic” by Definition?

Writing about my journey with Epilepsy gives me the privilege of sharing my small story and receiving the encouragement of others- both friends and strangers- all with such big hearts. I received a message from a woman with whom I went to high school and it turns out she has Epilepsy as well. I never... Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Mug Shots :)

We have a crap load of coffee mugs. It's pretty ridiculous – if I'm at the store and find a mug I like, and it's cheap, I'll buy it, knowing I absolutely do not need another mug to add to my collection. I collect them like old ladies collect cats. I'll admit, we are the... Continue Reading →

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