International Epilepsy Day Campaign! 2/9/15

imageFresh faced for our International #epilepsyday selfie! I guess you could say, since my seizures returned when this little man came along, he’s my motivation for epilepsy awareness! If you haven’t already posted your selfie, make sure to go on your social media and support others with Epilepsy and/or yourself! Happy Monday!! 😊

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  1. Hi, Mrs. Davis. I had no other way in contacting you so I decided to leave a comment. By the looks of it, it seems as though you don’t remember me. I’m Ke Tolson and I was in your 6th Period Junior English class in 2010-2011. I tried following you on twitter (my username is @low_ke) and your message to me didn’t seem like you knew who I was. I vividly remember you pointing at me in the middle of class when I gave a correct answer and told me, “That’s why you’re going to UCLA” ahah. I’m not quite sure how elated (i remember this word from your vocab tests hehe) you are to hear from me but I recently reconnected with an old friend and they told me your story. I’m not on Facebook but I immediately fell in love with your blog. The stories, the sincerity, and the sensuality in your writing style…Love it!! I found myself reading your blog more than my textbook these past couple days (oops). And its just very inspiring to witness this side of you. I glanced at several pictures of yours on Instagram and you have a beautiful family. By me leaving this comment, I just thought I’d support my favorite teacher in her journey to spread epilepsy awareness around the world as well as educate myself. I hope by this far down in my comment, you either remember me, smiled, or got an enormous warm fuzzy. Remember you used to always say “warm fuzzy”? :) It’s been 2/3 years since I’ve seen you last so I obviously have more to say but I’ll save that for another time. Well I mean, it will be nice to hear from you/ reconnect with you soon. My email is Oh and I still have that printed slip of John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success that you gave the class. It’s actually framed and hanging on my bedroom wall. It’s a reminder of you, how much fun I had in your class, as well as daily motivation. Thank you Mrs. Davis! #BruWins #8ClapNation

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