A Letter to My Husband: When We Aren’t Sick Anymore

Yep, I know. I know he is. He always is. My sanity, my “life coach” on days I can’t see straight for being so depressed, my normalcy, my savior along this journey... And so this post is a letter to him. To all the unsung heroes and caretakers that bear the brunt of a disorder/disease they “acquired” by association and through……….… love.

Four Days…

And our phone conversation perfectly encapsulated the isolation of my pregnancy, the sheer loneliness of these past 6 months. Portions of the last 4 years really. Geez that “looks” long when you see it on paper but living it is even longer, and being forgotten while living is even more painful...

The True Cliche

I guess I learned, we often "expect the unexpected" to happen to us or go through life just dealing with what’s thrown at us. That morning I thought, maybe it’s time my Epilepsy should expect the same.

My Date Night with Epilepsy

The marble felt cold on my forehead in contrast to the warm water running down my back. My left hand braced on one wall and my right slowly sliding down the other, and I was sobbing. Wracking sobs that shook my body, a release of tears down my cheeks, slobber dripped from my lips...

Thankful for “Enough” :)

I received the above message from a former high school student the other day… go ahead, you can read it first and then come back to me. :) lol

College & Epilepsy: A “Thank You” From the Token White Girl

I was deemed the “token white girl” by one group of friends in college. I did stick out quite a bit amongst my roommates- I lived with Marissa (Filipino), Kira (Japanese), and Jen (Chinese). Plus, one of our closest friends, Anagha, is Indian. (Naturally, they were all brilliant.) I definitely learned how to distinguish ethnicities... Continue Reading →

International Epilepsy Day Campaign! 2/9/15

Fresh faced for our International #epilepsyday selfie! I guess you could say, since my seizures returned when this little man came along, he's my motivation for epilepsy awareness! If you haven't already posted your selfie, make sure to go on your social media and support others with Epilepsy and/or yourself! Happy Monday!! 😊

“My Doctor”

(by Megan Davis) (pic- not our prettiest, but... lol) I saw my neurologist today… and I was actually excited. Whaaaat?! I know, it’s not like I went in there for “happy hour,” you only go to the doctor when there’s something wrong with you. But I was excited. Dr. Charles has been my doctor from... Continue Reading →


A week ago today I had my first seizure in a year and a half. It wasn’t a big one like usual, no grand mal, but I was having one. After all of the increased auras and twitches, it was finally here. Around 10 pm I was rinsing out my glass of milk when I... Continue Reading →

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