Life In Pictures

A new Instagram epilepsy friend recently tagged me in one of her posts and looking at these pictures, now I'm sitting here – in the parking lot of my son's karate class – with tears in my eyes... Yes, they are tears of sadness as I know the journey she's been on as a wife,... Continue Reading →

When the Superficial Isn’t: Meds & Hair

  Hair- begins to represent less and less of you and more and more of your “invisible illness.” That was literally my first thought as I did my hair for the first time since I hacked off 6 inches… I mean, I’ve had long hair all my life- down to the middle of my back... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Husband: When We Aren’t Sick Anymore

Yep, I know. I know he is. He always is. My sanity, my “life coach” on days I can’t see straight for being so depressed, my normalcy, my savior along this journey... And so this post is a letter to him. To all the unsung heroes and caretakers that bear the brunt of a disorder/disease they “acquired” by association and through……….… love.

Four Days…

And our phone conversation perfectly encapsulated the isolation of my pregnancy, the sheer loneliness of these past 6 months. Portions of the last 4 years really. Geez that “looks” long when you see it on paper but living it is even longer, and being forgotten while living is even more painful...

They Never Get Easier

We were facing each other lying in bed. I was trying not to panic and his face was so close to mine I could feel his breath as he shushed me like a baby. The calming swoosh of air against my cheek. He was saying, "You're okay Megan. I've got you. I'm right here" over and over...

International Epilepsy Day Campaign! 2/9/15

Fresh faced for our International #epilepsyday selfie! I guess you could say, since my seizures returned when this little man came along, he's my motivation for epilepsy awareness! If you haven't already posted your selfie, make sure to go on your social media and support others with Epilepsy and/or yourself! Happy Monday!! 😊

Robin Williams and Strength…

Mr. Williams was a great inspiration to me in the classroom and I strove to be like him as the teacher he so passionately portrayed in "Dead Poet's Society"... As my students and I had our own version of DPS, his passing reminded me of a post I wrote a long time ago about my... Continue Reading →

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