For Everyone: The Sun ;)

My life revolves around it. Me- singularly. If I close my eyes… No husband, no child, no job, no… whatever.

Music. Any of you relate? There’s a song always for my mood. And I’ll play it- OVER and OVER- til my husband’s shaking his head and pleeeeeading for the repeat button to break. lol

It’s gotten me through everything- dance, choir, high school, college, “normal” growing pains, epilepsy, love, depression, happiness, loneliness, highs higher than, lows scarier than… yesterday, today, and again tomorrow. Life.

What a gift- music. A beat. Words. Flowing, pumping, whatever the feels.

Close your eyes and ride it. Savor the pulse, taste the words.


So, for you- you don’t have to be epileptic; you just have to be human. Savor, taste, maybe try a new flavor.

Close your eyes and enjoy

The Brighter Days…


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