“Counting My Blessings” (a short)

At Thanksgiving, we count our blessings and I know I have many to count, but there’s a blessing that often goes unacknowledged and overlooked- my Mom.

When I was diagnosed with Epilepsy, my Mom was by my side the entire way. And although it was hard for me, it had to have been a nightmare for her; she shared my pain and devoted all of herself to finding answers and bringing me peace. At that point, I never thought about her struggle; after having already lost two other children, what it must’ve felt like to lose (figuratively) another child to something else she couldn’t explain. I never thought about the worry she dealt with wondering if I would have a seizure while she wasn’t there to protect me. But even though my five fingers aren’t so tiny, she’s held my hand through this entire journey… I always knew she’d be there after every scary episode and every worrisome twitch. She’s the first one I want right there beside me… I’m 34 and she still asks me if I’ve taken my pills, vitamins, how much sleep I’ve gotten, whether I was on Facebook too much, etc. ;) She’s always thinking of me in ways I never appreciated before motherhood. I may not be a child anymore, but I am still her child and that makes me the most blessed woman I know.

Happy Thanksgiving :)


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