Capturing Cloud 9

Ridiculous, I know, but since forever, I’ve always wanted to jump out of a plane with a jar in one hand and the lid in the other over a pile of fluffy, brilliantly white clouds. And ultimately I’d turn the jar face down and catch a piece of that cotton candy sky, seal it tight and then I would never have to be fully back “down to earth” with it by my side. lol A tangible piece of my own Cloud 9. (Before you go really rolling your eyes at me, understand I know it’s not possible 😊) But it’s on my bucket list nonetheless… 😉

Ironically, it was a plane we missed and so my husband, myself and my son ended up driving all the way to Tahoe for our annual summer trip to my in-laws. Driving there- something I hadn’t done in YEARS… Oh man though, I needed to miss that flight. I later realized, there was a reason.

Seven hours of driving; I could’ve skipped the first 4-5 but it was when we reached Mammoth and I saw the trees, smelled the pine through the air vents, I felt a calm I hadn’t known in a while. A restful silence and I was in awe of the beauty around me. And then, unexpectedly, the pockets of white fluffy clouds opened and dumped nickel-sized water drops. They seemed to smash into the windshield with such force and I experienced a sudden urge to feel them. I rolled my window down and the whoosh of warm wind hit me and I laughed as my son begged to have his down too. lol Yet it was those rain drops.

Eyes closed, head back against the headrest, I reached for the rain, feeling the pelts, capturing them for brief seconds in my hand before they were whisked away by the wind and replaced with new ones. Eyes closed, I just felt… and smiled while inhaling the delicious scent of tree mixed with moisture- a cleansing. Of the sky, the earth, me. My son giggling behind me as he tried to mimic my arm out the window. But it was peaceful. I needed to miss that flight. I needed calm, not chaos. I needed an open road. I opened my eyes and watched the scenery fly past us, the windshield wipers working furiously and my arm glistening from the power of nature. I felt restored. Eventually, we popped out of the clouds and back into the sun, windows down the rest of the drive. I didn’t want to miss this rush, this renewal, a point seemingly so insignificant, yet not.

In that moment, I remembered to be grateful for life, for a healthy day… I’d caught a piece of that cloud and it felt amazing

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  1. Have a great visit with family up Tahoe way. Hoping for that time in the near future when every day inspires you to feel this way. You deserve it!!
    Here’s to you and your family Megan, The Sandifers

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    1. Thank you!!! It’ll come soon- I have faith 😊 and in the meantime, I’m blessed with great family and friends. Thanks for the encouragement and I hope you’re all doing well!!


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