Chanel Said It Best



I picture myself as a smart ass with a tinge of wit; I figure- why not? Life is short and I’d rather laugh than hurt, and rather see those around me share the same giggle, throw-your-head-back, deep-from-the-belly laugh, or even a shake-your-head chuckle. That makes me happy :) Much of life is serious and it should be. But the bulk of life comes with lessons and I’d like to think mine includes learning to laugh- not in every situation, that would just be ridiculous- but when you can.

I stood in the store, read the above quote and pictured Coco- one hip cocked to the side, a long stemmed cigarette (I don’t know if she even smoked) in her hand and a smirk on her face- cheekily stating her opinion. I mentally winked back at her and purchased the notebook… what for, I didn’t know yet. Maybe writing ideas, to-dos, or hell, even grocery lists. I didn’t care; I just liked the spunk behind it. It made me feel good… I found it amuuuuusing ;) lol You see, there aren’t a lot of things we can truly control in our lives. Although, people say “you control your own destiny” or “it’s up to you how your life turns out,” and that’s true to an extent. Those actions, though, are often in response to unforeseeable factors thrown into your life. What you couldn’t originally control.

Obviously, the elephant factor in my room is Epilepsy. I certainly didn’t forsee that adventure entering my life, and I definitely can’t control its effects. I CAN determine how I live despite that wrench. I’ll have regrets in this one life, and actually, Epilepsy won’t be one of them (you can’t regret what you don’t create); failing to amuse would be one. I don’t need others’ approval but I do love making someone smile, even if I stick my foot in my mouth once in a while. (Those of you that know me… shhhhhh) That, or maybe I simply look good with my hip jutted to the side, fake stemmed cigarette in hand, throwin’ a sassy wink…

Watch out Coco- you’ve got competition. ;)

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