My Kind of Prozac

(fyi- meant to be fun, not angry :) )

I’m on Lamictal. That’s my med of choice and over the years, she’s been pretty good to me- not invincible, but pretty darn effective in preventing the big ones. She and I share a laugh sometimes because I carry her in my purse. Not in a pill case or a discreet pouch, but in her bottle, the one from the pharmacy. I actually have two bottles, for the different doses. Why don’t I put them in something else? Frankly, I’m just too lazy and I’m more of a take-me-or-leave-me carefree person. :) That’s where she and I share a chuckle. You see, I live in Orange County and you knooooow the stereotypes that come with the territory. “Rich people (of which I am not, but would like to be :) ) and their problems.” In the movies and reality shows, they’re all popping pills to feel better and having plastic surgery to look better (in a few years, I might not knock the latter :D). So, it is quite humorous to me and the Big “L” when I proceed to pull out my bottles (I mean, I don’t wave them in the air and shout- this is the good sh*t people! Woo woo!). lol But I don’t hide them either. I guess since my family and I are kind of immune to it, I don’t think twice. Although, sometimes “L” and I catch someone staring or trying inconspicuously to look over in my direction and we smile on the inside. Not because it’s a laughing matter to have to take medication for anything- in most cases, it’s very necessary- but because I know what they’re thinking. Here I am, this tall blonde chick with big hair who dresses fairly well (when I’m not playing mommy lol); how bad could her problems be? Just another spoiled blonde popping her feel good pills. I actually don’t mind it. Maybe the “L” and I like the fact we’re misjudged and considered a bit snobby. Or maybe we wonder what perception we’re being given. Whatever the case, I’m just going to keep poppin’ my Prozac and laughing with my “L”. She does make me feel good, and together, we kick some serious tush ;)

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