Reality vs. Creativity: Epilepsy Awareness

(This post is part of the Epilepsy Blog Relay™ which runs from November 1 through November 30.) You know what a new med is like? It's like hope, optimism, your savior, terror, your enemy, the one thing that can make you worse. This last time, while I was in the hospital, we ditched one med... Continue Reading →

The Epilepsy Stigma & How It Makes Me A Liar

Looking back through our vacation pictures, I can't help pause at one in particular and laugh... I'm giving Beyoncé's photo-shopped Instagram pics a run for their money. I mean wow- look at that thigh gap. lol (Thank you opportune awkward leg placement in combination with husband’s perfect random hat positioning.) Nonetheless, nice work. And look at... Continue Reading →

Marriage vs. Freedom: Happy Anniversary

As my husband and I celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary, I’d like to address a statement one of my close, single friends shared with me. He said, “When you get married, you suddenly lose your freedom. Gone.”

“Epileptic” by Definition?

Writing about my journey with Epilepsy gives me the privilege of sharing my small story and receiving the encouragement of others- both friends and strangers- all with such big hearts. I received a message from a woman with whom I went to high school and it turns out she has Epilepsy as well. I never... Continue Reading →

Like A Movie

A few weeks ago we went to dinner with another couple. This couple doesn't know me very well yet, and because they know so little about me, they aren't familiar with my epilepsy. And because I seem so "normal,” they wouldn't believe what a part it plays in my day-to-day life. You don't have to... Continue Reading →

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