Life in Color: Sunday’s Insta Pics

After 7 nights straight of clusters of seizures, finally one night of relief ☺️ Basking in the beauty of life… if nothing, Epilepsy teaches me to appreciate simple yet gorgeous beauty… Sometimes a thoughtful sunset leads to the best sunrise… 💜#sunset🌅 #gratitude #life #inmegansshoes #epilepsy #hope #climb #yoga #sisters


One thought on “Life in Color: Sunday’s Insta Pics

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  1. Oh, so hard for you! I have convulsions and all too (which to me are different than seizures in being really big and physical with my whole body, whereas to me seizures can be like visuals or other events internally), and this week has been stressful too. Best wishes for some nice rest and peace and sleep when it’s time for that.


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