Never Forget

Today as we remember all those who lost their lives, please take the time to share with someone from the younger generation the events of that day. It’s so important for our country to never forget and for this tremendously significant piece of our history, and the lives it took, to always live on…

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  1. Reblogged this on Finding Freedom with Epilepsy and commented:
    Every year I am drawn back to exactly where I was on September 11 2001. I had returned from New York a day early after a continuous niggling feeling that where I was geographically didn’t feel comfortable and I needed to get home. I changed my flight.
    It was only when I was walking past a media store on my way to see some friends at an old workplace back in England that I became rooted to the spot in front of the array of televisions watching the towers crumble over and over again. The feelings then made sense to me.
    In Megan’s Shoes’ blog post was beautifully written and so very meaningful that I wanted to share it. Most countries have suffered at the hands of war and terrorism so it is yet another opportunity to reflect upon those events too.


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