My “#2”: Choices of Motherhood & Epilepsy

Number 2. No, not THAT number 2 ;) but a second baby. When my husband and I had our first, we said we’d try again when Nolan turned a year old. Here we are, D-day, and I can’t “pull the trigger." One, I don’t know how I’ll be able to love another one as much... Continue Reading →

Epilepsy and Pregnancy: “My Little Man & I”

(Know that I realize I’m very fortunate to be able to go through a pregnancy and these are my experiences/thoughts. Everyone is different.) They say a baby will shake up your life and my little man did just that- in more ways than one :) I always knew it would be a possibility that even before... Continue Reading →

The Thread 2: How We’re All Connected

I wrote something called “The Thread” a while ago, and I was reminded of it last night before I went to bed. I was perusing Facebook (the world’s largest time suck) and reviewing the day’s news feed. I came across “Prayers for Kylie,” a page I religiously look for as it follows the journey of a... Continue Reading →

Motherhood Crazy, Epilepsy Crazy :D

When I was told to write about Motherhood and the lighter side of Epilepsy, I thought- what two topics could be further apart? Then I decided to just type and see where it takes me. I am a first time mom to an almost 2-year-old boy who is very outgoing, talkative, inquisitive, and loves attention…... Continue Reading →

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