When the Superficial Isn’t: Meds & Hair

  Hair- begins to represent less and less of you and more and more of your “invisible illness.” That was literally my first thought as I did my hair for the first time since I hacked off 6 inches… I mean, I’ve had long hair all my life- down to the middle of my back... Continue Reading →

Not Always Black & White: Finding the Grey with Marijuana

I find every time I post something “drug related,” no matter the positive intent, I lose “followers” and support… It’s unfortunate yet I value being honest and open with my thoughts/opinions. So, here’s a little more honesty. :) I’ve only smoked pot twice...

My Kind of Prozac

(fyi- meant to be fun, not angry :) ) I’m on Lamictal. That’s my med of choice and over the years, she’s been pretty good to me- not invincible, but pretty darn effective in preventing the big ones. She and I share a laugh sometimes because I carry her in my purse. Not in a... Continue Reading →

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