Seven Year Itch & Epilepsy: Happy Anniversary :)

They call it the seven year itch; well, we’re married seven years today and met nine years tomorrow. I’d say instead, it’s the “Seven year stick.”

Epilepsy & Relationships: Forgetting Her

He, being my husband, made the comment in conversation with a doctor. And he’d come home and relayed the conversation to me; I knew the comment wasn’t said in judgement and when he casually repeated those words, I could see an old sense of pride. Almost as if he was picturing her...

You Can’t Always Not Give a Flying You Know What: The Innocent Misconception

I've always been conscientious of how to handle my Epilepsy in public, but never truly self-conscious...

Marriage vs. Freedom: Happy Anniversary

As my husband and I celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary, I’d like to address a statement one of my close, single friends shared with me. He said, “When you get married, you suddenly lose your freedom. Gone.”

My Husband :)

140.6. Yep, that’s one hundred and forty point six miles of torture. My husband is doing his first Ironman this Sunday. He’s done marathons, half-Ironmans (70.3 for those of you mathematically challenged ;) ) and grew up a swimmer but he’s never completed “the big one.” He’d always talked about it and since he put... Continue Reading →

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