“A Coffee, A Quote & Me” πŸ˜Š


I saw it on the side of my coffee cup. “Live from the heart of yourself. Seek to be whole, not perfect.” It brought tears to my eyes. We were driving and I felt self-conscious. Lol I don’t know why- it was simply my husband, my little man and I in the car. It really resonated with me though, especially the second sentence. “Whole, not perfect.” Who doesn’t want to be perfect though? We all- confident or not- compare ourselves to someone else at one point or another, more often than not in all honesty. 😊 But as my auras start to return with more frequency and my twitches are becoming much more noticeable, I wonder why… I’m not stressed in college, I’m not pregnant, I’m not going through a massive life change… and I find myself struggling with trying to be “whole” again. I don’t need perfection (in fact I think my imperfections make me more likeable lol), I just need an answer. Everyone wants a cure to something but I just want my “why.” Right now, that would make me whole and in the end I think “perfection” is finding that piece of yourself.

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