Trigger: 2019 It’s About Time

(I wrote this over Christmas break but never shared... late, but here it is anyways :) ) Trigger. Finger’s always there... cocked, ready. Pull! Clay shatters... grey like my brain. Hits the target, sprays, explodes.  But there aren’t any clay pigeons. 2018 brought live targets... Christmas, then night one in the hospital. No electrodes, no... Continue Reading →

2016 Brings ?

As I look out the window beyond this screen, I see a blanket of white snow. A fresh start, a perfect template for a new year… And it’s so peaceful.


(a short by Megan Davis) (picture- b/c it represents the beauty of light, in every meaning) My good friend went in for a CT scan last week and while she waited for them to bring her back, she texted me- she said how sad it was to watch little children being taken back for scans... Continue Reading →

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