Here's the video we played at the rollout of Orange County's Care+Cure program at the gala. UCI did a wonderful job and for those of you that don't "know me" very well, this might help! :) SO proud and privileged to be able to represent the Epilepsy community in spreading awareness. I am surrounded by so... Continue Reading →

The Contradiction: Invisible Epilepsy

She made a great point- the one people with inconspicuous Epilepsy often do. It was a picture I posted on my Instagram of me in San Francisco outside the City of Lights bookstore (amazing, by the way, highly recommend), all dressed up. The trip with my husband was two-fold; I went to UCSF for more Epilepsy testing and then the rest of the weekend saved for a fun-filled early birthday. As you can see, I’m smiling, relaxed and happy… I was, truly...

Jagged Lines: Experiencing an Epileptic Aura

I don’t think you can ever adequately describe an aura to someone who’s never had a seizure… It comes out of nowhere- soft, floaty, like my body’s lifting, as though weightless. And yet, I can feel just enough to know that I’m tingling...

Why I Blame Epilepsy For My OCD

Strangers will say- “Wow, she’s screwed up.” And friends will say- “Oh my God, I didn’t know she was so crazy.” But that’s the point of a blog right? To reveal?... and there will be a group of you out there that say- “She’s me…. I know who that person is.” This is for you then.

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