Post V-Day: Most Important “Love”

I’ve written several “letters” in the past, I could post for Valentine’s day- one to my husband (obviously lol) and one to Epilepsy include links. This one, however, is to you. Now that Valentine’s has passed, we can look beyond the hearts, candy, flowers, romantic FB pics, and focus on you. This V-Day letter is one to ourselves…

College & Epilepsy: A “Thank You” From the Token White Girl

I was deemed the “token white girl” by one group of friends in college. I did stick out quite a bit amongst my roommates- I lived with Marissa (Filipino), Kira (Japanese), and Jen (Chinese). Plus, one of our closest friends, Anagha, is Indian. (Naturally, they were all brilliant.) I definitely learned how to distinguish ethnicities... Continue Reading →

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