Flutter, In Out: Epilepsy

I sat there watching it flutter ever so slightly… down, up, down, up… Brief inhale, long exhale. Quick to capture the air, slow to let it go. So soft and sweet I almost held my breath for fear the motion of his chest would stop. All would be paralyzed. I’d panic. Remember to beat, my heart.

My Date Night with Epilepsy

The marble felt cold on my forehead in contrast to the warm water running down my back. My left hand braced on one wall and my right slowly sliding down the other, and I was sobbing. Wracking sobs that shook my body, a release of tears down my cheeks, slobber dripped from my lips...

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: The Fear

Right when you feel strongest, parts start to crumble. I know I’ve done too much, tried too hard, pushed my limits. I had an amazing long run on Saturday and then a debilitating aura on Tuesday. I always try to maintain positivity with my Epilepsy but there is a point where you just break...


A week ago today I had my first seizure in a year and a half. It wasn’t a big one like usual, no grand mal, but I was having one. After all of the increased auras and twitches, it was finally here. Around 10 pm I was rinsing out my glass of milk when I... Continue Reading →

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