EEGs & Poppin’ Champagne: Why Be Right When You Can Be Wrong?

“Man, you look sexy! Hop in hot stuff!” (My husband picking me up) “That’s a cool hat Mom.” (My son after careful examination) “We’ll do the lip and sides of the fire pit tomorrow.” (The landscaper looking away awkwardly. Poor guy  lol) And my neighbors slooooooooowly driving by checking out the show when my husband dropped me off at home. All first, varied reactions to my EEG get-up. I must admit I look pretty funny and I’d never guess what these wires and weird netting are for if I wasn’t in this situation. I feel grateful today though.

Today’s Run: Towards or Away

What makes you a runner? Would I be considered a runner? I was thinking about that today as I did my first run in over a week. And I guess I started to view the definition more figuratively considering my answer... I feel like for the last couple months I've been running towards something. A... Continue Reading →

Care & Cure

I came across the video while perusing Facebook around midnight. You know, wasting time when I should be getting valuable sleep before an active next day with my son, and I saw the title- Care and Cure 2014. I’ve wanted to go to the Care and Cure benefit for a few years but haven’t put... Continue Reading →

“Black & Purple”: The Reality of Epilepsy on Purple Day

She’s flailing. Arms rigid but pulsing, fists clenched so tight her fingernails dig into her skin, making half-moons. Head to the side, thrashing against the carpet, burning the skin on her cheek. Her mouth is chomping, teeth gnashing against each other, but she finds only her tongue as it lolls to the side, helpless. She... Continue Reading →

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