Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: The Fear

Right when you feel strongest, parts start to crumble. I know I’ve done too much, tried too hard, pushed my limits. I had an amazing long run on Saturday and then a debilitating aura on Tuesday. I always try to maintain positivity with my Epilepsy but there is a point where you just break...

The Sea, The Sun & A Few Shots

I’d like to start off with “we’ve all been there” but it’s probably more appropriate to begin- “Some of you have been there”; the feeling of overwhelming emotion when you’ve had just a taaaad too much to drink and you’re not used to the wave of spirits you’ve consumed in celebration. Yep, that was me... Continue Reading →

Care & Cure

I came across the video while perusing Facebook around midnight. You know, wasting time when I should be getting valuable sleep before an active next day with my son, and I saw the title- Care and Cure 2014. I’ve wanted to go to the Care and Cure benefit for a few years but haven’t put... Continue Reading →

The Color Purple

Purple has never been my color. My sister rocks it- olive skin, dark hair, etc. It looks fantastic on her. But for me, I always thought it was too dark (I prefer blues :)) and does nothing for my blonde hair and pale skin. It dawned on me that that fact is somewhat ironic considering... Continue Reading →

Robin Williams and Strength…

Mr. Williams was a great inspiration to me in the classroom and I strove to be like him as the teacher he so passionately portrayed in "Dead Poet's Society"... As my students and I had our own version of DPS, his passing reminded me of a post I wrote a long time ago about my... Continue Reading →

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