The Contradiction: Invisible Epilepsy

She made a great point- the one people with inconspicuous Epilepsy often do. It was a picture I posted on my Instagram of me in San Francisco outside the City of Lights bookstore (amazing, by the way, highly recommend), all dressed up. The trip with my husband was two-fold; I went to UCSF for more Epilepsy testing and then the rest of the weekend saved for a fun-filled early birthday. As you can see, I’m smiling, relaxed and happy… I was, truly...

The Epilepsy Stigma & How It Makes Me A Liar

Looking back through our vacation pictures, I can't help pause at one in particular and laugh... I'm giving Beyoncé's photo-shopped Instagram pics a run for their money. I mean wow- look at that thigh gap. lol (Thank you opportune awkward leg placement in combination with husband’s perfect random hat positioning.) Nonetheless, nice work. And look at... Continue Reading →

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