The Epilepsy Stigma & How It Makes Me A Liar

Looking back through our vacation pictures, I can't help pause at one in particular and laugh... I'm giving Beyoncé's photo-shopped Instagram pics a run for their money. I mean wow- look at that thigh gap. lol (Thank you opportune awkward leg placement in combination with husband’s perfect random hat positioning.) Nonetheless, nice work. And look at... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Always Not Give a Flying You Know What: The Innocent Misconception

I've always been conscientious of how to handle my Epilepsy in public, but never truly self-conscious...

Jagged Lines: Experiencing an aura

(image- "seizure art" courtesy of Reema Hamdan) First (not always though) comes the aura… I don’t think you can ever adequately describe an aura to someone who’s never had a seizure… It comes out of nowhere- soft, floaty, like my body’s lifting, as though weightless. And yet, I can feel just enough to know that... Continue Reading →

Like A Movie

A few weeks ago we went to dinner with another couple. This couple doesn't know me very well yet, and because they know so little about me, they aren't familiar with my epilepsy. And because I seem so "normal,” they wouldn't believe what a part it plays in my day-to-day life. You don't have to... Continue Reading →

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