Powder: Long Nights & Clean Slates

I saw it pop open and powder fall everywhere… a small arc of white flakes. So tiny, yet so significant. I tried to scoop it into my palm so as to collect as much as I could for my mouth but it was futile. Attempting to open the bottle again proved even worse and I made my way back to my bedroom from the kitchen feeling my insides rattle...

When the Superficial Isn’t: Meds & Hair

  Hair- begins to represent less and less of you and more and more of your “invisible illness.” That was literally my first thought as I did my hair for the first time since I hacked off 6 inches… I mean, I’ve had long hair all my life- down to the middle of my back... Continue Reading →

It’s Your Life, Find The Beat

You know that song… the one you put on repeat for hours, days, months straight. Yep, this is one of mine. I literally get sad when it ends. Partly because I remember the story behind it from a particular movie’s soundtrack and also just because I feel like running, jumping, laughing and spinning all at... Continue Reading →

Their Words, My Thoughts

Almost everyone has some sort of diversity/difficulty in his/her life; Epilepsy has made me realize my answer to this question is "DON'T WAIT!" 😊

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