Epilepsy Options? Surgery, Technology, Oh My!

Twenty years ago, I didn't take the chance to be my own advocate, but now I have the chance to understand what's out there... and not be afraid of it...

The Sustenance of Hope: Epilepsy Awareness Month

“You cannot live on an anecdote, but you can live on hope. We can always have hope. We must always have hope.” -Dr. Jack Lin These are the words of my doctor as we discussed my new medication. He’d just finished explaining the success he’s found with other patients using this very new and relatively... Continue Reading →

My Date Night with Epilepsy

The marble felt cold on my forehead in contrast to the warm water running down my back. My left hand braced on one wall and my right slowly sliding down the other, and I was sobbing. Wracking sobs that shook my body, a release of tears down my cheeks, slobber dripped from my lips...

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