Here's the video we played at the rollout of Orange County's Care+Cure program at the gala. UCI did a wonderful job and for those of you that don't "know me" very well, this might help! :) SO proud and privileged to be able to┬árepresent the Epilepsy community in spreading awareness. I am surrounded by so... Continue Reading →

When Dreams Bridge Into Reality: OC Care+Cure

The goal is to establish care for all seeking answers for his/her Epilepsy and begin to provide more hope for the families fighting this disease together. With less than 15 epilepsy specific neurosurgeons nation-wide, with only 2 using specific cutting-edge robotic devices on the West coast, we are starting here...

Women & Epilepsy Slides: Periods, Pregnancy & AEDs for Specific Seizures

Here are a few slides I managed to capture with my phone from the symposium for those of you looking for more info on Women's health issues and Epilepsy. Hope these help provide some valuable knowledge and answers for you!!   Catamenial Epilepsy (Periods and Epilepsy): Pregnancy, Contraceptives and Epilepsy: Appropriate AEDs for Epilepsies:

Today’s Run: Towards or Away

What makes you a runner? Would I be considered a runner? I was thinking about that today as I did my first run in over a week. And I guess I started to view the definition more figuratively considering my answer... I feel like for the last couple months I've been running towards something. A... Continue Reading →

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