Thankful for “Enough” :)

I received the above message from a former high school student the other day… go ahead, you can read it first and then come back to me. :) lol

College & Epilepsy: A “Thank You” From the Token White Girl

I was deemed the “token white girl” by one group of friends in college. I did stick out quite a bit amongst my roommates- I lived with Marissa (Filipino), Kira (Japanese), and Jen (Chinese). Plus, one of our closest friends, Anagha, is Indian. (Naturally, they were all brilliant.) I definitely learned how to distinguish ethnicities... Continue Reading →

In Short, My Beginning

People can develop Epilepsy at any age, but I, myself, was diagnosed with Epilepsy in my first year of college. I remember waking up one morning in my cramped little dorm room at UCLA and I had a throbbing headache, I was exhausted, my limbs felt like lead, I'd wet the bed, and I couldn’t... Continue Reading →

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