It’s Your Life, Find The Beat

You know that song… the one you put on repeat for hours, days, months straight. Yep, this is one of mine. I literally get sad when it ends. Partly because I remember the story behind it from a particular movie’s soundtrack and also just because I feel like running, jumping, laughing and spinning all at... Continue Reading →

“Epileptic” by Definition?

Writing about my journey with Epilepsy gives me the privilege of sharing my small story and receiving the encouragement of others- both friends and strangers- all with such big hearts. I received a message from a woman with whom I went to high school and it turns out she has Epilepsy as well. I never... Continue Reading →

Epilepsy and Pregnancy: “My Little Man & I”

(Know that I realize I’m very fortunate to be able to go through a pregnancy and these are my experiences/thoughts. Everyone is different.) They say a baby will shake up your life and my little man did just that- in more ways than one :) I always knew it would be a possibility that even before... Continue Reading →

“Roles” (pic- our engagement)

Many have read about my Epilepsy. Mostly my epilepsy as a Mommy but also my Epilepsy as a teacher, bits of college, and a few pieces remotely referencing friends. I never talk about my Epilepsy as a wife. (Just hold on because I don’t know where this is going lol) Consequently, I haven’t talked much... Continue Reading →

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